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M1 Expert is the outcome of 30 years of acquired experience in the motorsport industry, encompassing engine management, data recording, engine tuning, electronic design and manufacture, and software development for both embedded applications such as engine ECUs and datarecorders and PC software for tuning, analysis and configuration.

Our expertise includes all elements of M1 ECU operations, from configuring tuning existing packages with M1 Tune to developing new features and capabilities as an M1 Build expert.

Along with considerable experience in OE vehicle communications such as CAN, J1939, RS232, RS485, and K-Line, we have recently started development on low-cost real-time cylinder pressure tools for tuning and calibration of petrol and diesel engines.
Further investigations into engine vibration have led to development on crankshaft vibration and resonance tools which can display orders of vibration and crank twist in real time.

If you wish to lift your engine dyno tuning to a new level then you should consider our Crank Synchronous Acquisition (CSA) device which integrates with M1 ECUs and engine dynos to show realtime cylinder pressure and peak pressure position, and introduces our Quick Spark feature which makes spark map tuning as fast as the well-known Quick Lambda feature.
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