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Cylinder Pressure tools

Our Crank Synchronous Acquisition device provides realtime monitoring of cylinder pressure.
The CSA device uses a normal crank sensor (60-2, magnetic or hall) and a normal cam sensor (one tooth per cycle) along with a MAP sensor and up to 3 cylinder pressure sensors.
The crank, cam, and MAP wiring may be shared with the ECU, using the already installed sensors.

Cylinder pressure is measured for every 1 degree of crankshaft rotation.

This device connects via USB to a PC and displays the following in real time:
  • Engine Speed
  • Manifold Pressure
  • up to 3 Cylinder Pressures shown on an oscilloscope-style grid screen
  • Peak cylinder pressure
  • Peak Pressure Position

The device can connect via CAN or RS232 to dyno controllers to allow simultaneous display and logging of dyno torque and power.

In addition the device can connect to a custom M1 package which introduces a Quick Spark feature which allows realtime updating of the ignition timing map in the same fashion as the well-known Quick Lambda feature on all GPA, GPR, and GPRP packages. The M1 also sends ignition timing data to the CSA device which is shown on the pressure grid.
Effectively dyno time is reduced dramatically as optimum ignition timing can be achieved for each load point in a few seconds.

Cylinder pressure may be acquired using conventional sensor and charge amplifier combinations (AVL etc.) or with Beru PSG sensors which are designed for long-term use in turbocharged diesel engines.
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