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M1 Build project coding

Along with typical installation and configuration requirements for M1 ECUs, M1 Expert also offers M1 custom programming for specific needs:
  • Vehicle-specific CAN messaging to integrate with OE subsystems including ABS, immobiliser, dashboard, and gearbox.
  • Adding additional features to GPA, GPR, or GPRP packages to accomodate devices or functions not normally handled.
  • Authoring of all help content to assist end-users in proper operation of new features.

Custom packages are developed by using a special licence for the target ECU (for example, M142), known as a Development Licence. This licence allows continuous development and updating of the package until all requirements are met, with a single initial cost (the Development Licence) for a single M1 ECU (licenced using the serial number).

Once a custom package has been developed, M1 Expert can also interact with MoTeC to produce a commercially available Partner Package at a price closely related to the original source package (ie GPR).
Partner Package licences may only be sold and downloaded by the customer (or M1 Expert can act as a conduit if desired), but not the end-user.

Even while the finalised Partner Package is available for sale to customers, development may continue on the specially licenced ECU and further updates made available to the end-user customer when appropriate, via the MoTeC Online website.
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